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Trip: Brief Bio

Self-Portrait by Trip Walters. © TRIP WALT, INC. September 2014.

Good afternoon readers!  My name is Trip Walters III and I am a Blogger and Critic who loves reporting on current events and whatever craziness just so happens to be going on in the world and of course, the lovely United States!

I figured that since nobody really knows me other than my close-knit circle of friends and of family, I would use my first blog to write sort of a biography to better acquaint you with who I really am as a person and as a writer.  I was born and raised in South Orange, New Jersey, attended Columbia High School in Maplewood which sits on its northern border and finished four years in half the time, where I received a full Liberal and Creative Arts scholarship at 16 to earn my Bachelors at Seton Hall University.  Of course, though I was quite young, I felt it was a great decision on my behalf and in 2004 graduated highest honors of Magna Cum Laude with a 3.85 Overall GPA!  You may be asking, 'Why should I care?'  Well, this is a bio of my life so you really don't have to care, but I'm very proud of my achievements.

Over the next 10 years I ran a freelance journalism company, locally, and made a healthy salary with amazing benefits doing the things I love the most!  Then at 26, I founded TRIP WALT, INC. which is a company that basically was founded so that all of my creative writing projects and the like were copyrighted and secure under my name so that in any legal battle I would be covered.  But, I also have desired to extend the use of my company to publish other up and coming authors and journalists who want to make it in this world and better yet, in this Godforsaken economy under Obama!  So I have a few clients who aren't as known as I but I plan on changing that fairly soon as they will share some of their talents in reporting the news from time to time on my blog, Talk of the Town w/ Trip Walters.

In 2013, I entered an online college Kaplan University out of respect for a current professor there whom was a former collegiate classmate of mine at Seton Hall.  The Masters program for Journalism wasn't too bad so I decided to earn it and by 2014 I was awarded the degree with high honors, continuing my success as a student with a 3.75 Overall GPA.  I then began this blog, the first of any online presence other than when I tried Myspace years ago.  I do not have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of those other social networks.  I only ever enjoyed Blogger and now, Google+ because they are straight and to the point and for news and current events critiquing and opinionated reporting, it is perfect!  I do plan on in the near future to obtain a PhD in furthering my higher education.  Since I am clearly well-learned in personal study of addiction, heroin addiction, and addiction research, I was thinking that I may focus my studies for a Doctorate in Addiction Research and Psychology next.

During HS and as electives throughout my collegiate years, I have taken several classes in the social sciences division, such as Intro to Psych to Abnormal and Clinical Psych, Applied Skills in Human Services, Neuropsychology,  Psychopathology, etc. and so forth.  Altogether I have a decent amount of credits, almost reaching an Associates degree in that specific field and if I were to gain a Doctorate, with all of my current education and degrees, I was told that within 2-3 years, depending on my learning time and effort which not to be selfish but is faster than average, I should be able to accomplish my original dream!  I had a brother Thomas "Tommy" Walters who was a few years older than me and who died at 27 years old, in 2011, from a terrible heroin overdose.  So it means a lot to me to look into ways that I could possibly find a cure by working with other doctors in addiction.

So, in conclusion, as we subside from such a depressing paragraph that I just couldn't keep as the end of this bio LOL I will hopefully be giving readers inspiration to be themselves as people and as writers and journalists.  I was never the type to work for another person, I like having my own regulations and rules which basically do not exist.  Of course, there are rules and styles of writing and grammar but besides that, I feel that writing from the emotions, that it allows the truth to be read and understood rather than everything be based on metaphors and "he said/she said" type of drama!  I am not a fan of tabloid magazines or TMZ, I find all of that to be nonsensical and violating in nature.  What is it that drives these people to want to follow other people around and take pictures of them doing anything and everything, such as eating, walking, opening a door, tanning, crying, hugging, driving, exiting a vehicle, and then they go steps further to catch them in the nude, cameras up their skirts, and taking all of these disturbing pictures of their children!

If I were one of them, especially being a parent with kids who I am trying to protect and some weirdo with a camera was taking their pictures secretly and privately, I would knock him the fuck out; lay him out cold.  Done.  Fuck the court and the lawsuits that they attempt to throw on me.  How could a judge approve a lawsuit from a situation like that?  A guy who protects his children and family from a strange man with a camera taking their pictures!  How do I know if they are representing a company or not?  And then again, anyone can call themselves paparazzi  which I think is wrong!  So basically, anyone can take pictures of you and your family and you are not allowed to hurt them?  To protect yourself and your children with self-defense?  Why?  So, if a pedophile becomes a celebrity paparazzi or claims to be anyway, and takes pictures of my children (if I had them) in any manner of life, according to The 1st Amendment I am not allowed to protect myself?!?  Yeah right.  That is so fucking stupid.  Excuse my language but at the same time, I am going to warn you right now that I tend to use profanity way more than normal so if that offends you, then get off of my blog!

Also, if you have a problem or issue with my writing?  Get off my blog.  Nobody asked you to read it.  And I will be approving any comments or messages before they are displayed in the public because I do not put up with negative comments, offensive slander, and whatever else you call it--"trolling" and the new style of trolling called "flaming" (which sounds sort of gay, right?!).  Hope you enjoy and if not, I am not going to kill myself over it.  I will just post another blog.  Really, I am here to voice my opinion and the way I see things, the truth of every story that readers prefer to hear rather than a dense macabre of bullshit journalism like CNN and ABC News.  By the way, ABC Channel 7 (CA) had banned me from their message board on my first comment!  What the fuck is that?  Ridiculous.  Are they trying to be the first organization to disallow negative feedback.  I mean, on one side of the picture I am 100% supportive of that, especially on You Tube where there is absolutely no internet policing at all when it comes to comments and threatening, slanderous statements.  But I just want to say, ABC7 needs to read all of their comments before picking and choosing that day when they actually want to work about which comments to take down.

Have a great Sunday afternoon and night.  The sun is still shining bright over Northeastern PA and New Jersey, and I wish that it will stay like this!  It's so beautiful out.

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