Monday, September 15, 2014

The World According to NFL's Ray Rice

Ray Rice w/ wife, Janay Palmer - Atlantic City, NJ - May 1, 2014 entering
the court where he pleaded guilty to third degree aggravated assault.

This world is decreasing in morality day after day until the eventual realization that what used to be right is now wrong and what used to be shunned upon, is now accepted.  People are distorting the freedoms given to them according to The Constitution; just like false prophets of the Word of God taking Biblical verses out of context, so is the "civil rights" advocate who is using our freedoms as an American too extensively, reading into them in so many different situations that just do not make sense.

This whole scenario with NFL Commissioner Ray Goodell, defamed NFL Running Back Ray Rice, and his fiancee turned wife, Janay Palmer is completely ridiculous!  What was initially a criminal act of spousal abuse caught on camera, mind you, that deserves no respect and dignity as the culprit/abuser is also supposed to be a role model for the children and fans watching his every move--has now turned into a lawsuit by the abuser towards the one who originally sanctioned him, Ray Goodell!

I understand the reasons for "double jeopardy" being claimed since, yes, he was sanctioned two different times--once by the court system AND the NFL suspending him only "2 games" and then the second time by the NFL alone which indefinitely suspended him from the league and also exterminated his $35 million dollar contract.  BUT, I personally believe that the Commissioner did not see the entire video of the "abuse" inside of the elevator--it wasn't even released in its entirety until recently.  I initially tried looking it up and all I got to see was what everyone else saw, when Ray Rice pulled his "knocked out cold/unresponsive" then fiancee, Janay Palmer, out of the hotel elevator.

He wasn't able to clearly see any fault on anyone's part, though it is quite clear that something really bad happened inside of the elevator and honestly, how can a court go ahead and convict you of anything with partial video when you know they were able to obtain the entire video and NFL Commissioner Goodell had to have had the chance to watch it in its entirety.  So in that case, I understand the lawsuit and I guess he does have a point.  BUT, what I am really disturbed about is the fact that this "wife" of his, how is she a responsible, advocate for females across the world?  She is just another woman who is a victim of spousal abuse, violent abuse I might add, and continues to stay with that person despite the reasons.

That's really all I want to say.  I just don't understand why women's advocacy and women's rights groups are backing her up with this lawsuit against Ray Goodell, it makes no sense.  This world has truly lost itself.  My fiancee even said, "Maybe there are reasons for her staying..." - WHAT?!  What reasons, Angie?  Any woman who was just violently knocked out cold by her then fiance, who decides to continue her relationship with this abusive animal, well, power to you.  That is stupidity.  And any female rights groups that back her up are completely going against their original purposes of protecting the well-being of females all over the world.  You wouldn't see Turning Point siding with Ray Rice on this.  Turning Point is a women's shelter for those abused and it is a great place to safeguard women from abuse, at least it is here in PA and I'm sure in its sister shelters across the country.

To me, that is a real advocate for women's rights and protection.  Also, these highly-paid NFL players are supposed to be role models.  What kind of role model is a violent and abusive man who knocks his girl out cold and walks around with an expensive suit and a smile going to court and attempting cash in on his violent offense?  Not a man, an ape; an animal.  That isn't a racist remark, when  I call him an ape, I am referring to the stupidity and stubborn mindset of monkeys, apes, and cavemen from back in the day.  Ray Rice is an ape who speaks English and has lots of money.  Janay Palmer is just a trick who is staying with her abusive hubby just because of the money.  My fiancee wants a reason?  It's money.  That is the reason.

Is that what women have stooped to these days?  To succumb to violent abuse just because the abuser is wealthy?  I don't think so.  BUT, there are many who do and I feel sorry and sad for them but they are making their own choices in this sick, sadistic, and messed up world we live in today.

To view the FULL elevator video (courtesy, TMZ Sports): and make your own judgment.

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